Timber Frames

Double glazed units offer improved thermal insulation and more efficient house warming.


When a double glazed unit fails, it is possible to replace the individual glazing units rather then replace the entire window assembly. This is the most economic option for the home owner.


In this instance, a double glazed leaded unit has failed and moisture has penetrated the inner cavity. In addition to looking unsightly, this will impact the windows thermal efficiency.


Dorking Glazing Services made a site visit and measured for a replacement glass unit.


The replacement unit was manufactured in a few days which allowed the old unit to be removed and the new unit to be fitted in one site visit.


The property was left secure and the customer was very pleased with the end result.

Failed Glazing Unit
New double glazed leaded glass in wooden frame

New Unit


Failed Unit


Removing defective glazing panel

Brian removes a defective glazing panel